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Another Barber Shop

We’re the home of the “Donut Cut” where you don’t pay for what we don’t cut!  Let me explain.  Many of my customers are bald or balding.  I think you will understand, it takes less time to cut a half head of hair compared to cutting a full head of hair.  Is it fair that both pay the same amount of money for their hair cut?  That is the basis on which the prices @ ABS are based.   The name “Donut Cut” is for the “hole in the middle” or circle of scalp that gets harder to cover as time goes on and hair loss becomes more so.  While ABS can’t do anything about nature restyling your hair, we can give you a more fair price structure.

Regular full cuts start @ $13.00 and go to $20.00  (Yes!  We do other cuts too!)

“Donut Cuts”  are $9.00 to $11.00 (bald or balding)

What are you waiting for?  Try Another Barber Shop and “Stop getting robbed!”

Another Barber Shop- Haircuts fast, good, and fairly priced.

To help save you time, coffee and tea are available.  Bring in your favorite cup to fill if you like!