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2013 Price increase

Posted by Sandy on Jan 22 2013 in Uncategorized 0 Comment

In 2008, ABS lowered prices 2-4 dollars (depending on the type of cut), on each hair cut.  ABS also restarted the “10th cut free” program from 1980.  All of our customers appreciated the discounts we put in place.  Every penny counts and this was especially true when nearly everyone that sat in our chairs were experiencing foreclosures, bankruptcy’s, layoffs, and cutbacks.  Many experienced more than one of these situations.  I have heard more good news from you this year, than any year previous,  indicating a better financial time is begun!   Now, 5 years later, ABS is increasing haircut prices across the board by 1-2 dollars, again, depending on the cut.  Another Barber Shop would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2013.  Thank you for another year as your Barber Shop.  Thank you for your many referrals over 2012 as well.  See you soon!  Sandy

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