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Another Barbershop Gives Back

Posted by Sandy on Aug 10 2012 in Community Comments Off on Another Barbershop Gives Back

Another Barber Shop recognizes our very existence depends on each one of  you and the generous support we receive in the community.  It is the gratitude for your support that drives Another Barber Shop to find ways to give back to the community.

It was 2008, when the stories of layoffs, bankruptcy and tremendous losses became almost “regular” conversations from our  customers.   We reduced our prices to what we charged in 1989 as well as bringing back the “club” card, (10th cut free).  At the same time we partnered with St. Vincent DePaul to hold a food drive every Wed.  Anyone that donates 2 or more non-parishable  food items on Wed. receives one haircut for  $ 5.00.    Another Barber Shop felt, in this way both the person donating and the person receiving  the food from St. Vincent De Paul, Tigard food bank, would receive benefit.  This is our 5th year participating in the food drive on Wed.

In 2008, Tigard held a “Welcome Home” day for our Veterans.  The American Legion and American Legion Womens Auxiliary was the catalyst behind the organization of this day.   You will find some pictures of that event in our gallery that you will surely enjoy.  It was a splendid day of honoring our men and women in uniform.  Another Barber Shop was proud to participate with a booth of free games and prizes as well as a spin the wheel game for free haircuts and Another Barber Shop T-shirts.  One of our generous customers and friend, Don Frame, chauffeured Another Barber Shop staff in his 1947 red pickup truck for the “Home Again” parade.  During the preparation for this event, I got to know many people associated with the A.L.W.A. and joined myself.  I am constantly amazed at all the “gifts” these volunteers bring not only to our service men and their families but the community as a whole.  Volunteerism is a wonderful thing!  Another Barber Shop has always and still continues to give discounts to active servicemen and if deployed to the Pursian Gulf, a free cut before leaving as well as one upon returning home again.  The look on their face when you thank them and gift them for their service is payment in and of itself.  Truly, if you see a veteran and go up and shake his hand and thank him for his sacrifice, you will know why I say that.

In 2011 we got an idea that we could somehow furnish clothing to children in need.  This was after we watched a report about how many kids go to school not only without breakfast but in the same clothing as yesterday.  With a lot of help and brainstorming from good friends and supporters “Klothes 4 Kids” was created.  We collect revenue from various activities, (car wash, bike ride, etc), and then I have some very savvy bargain hunters that shop for the biggest “bang for the buck” for everything from jeans, tops, shirts, socks, undies, zip hoodies, coats.  The Tigard Value Village has been a tremendous source for outer wear.  The clothing is clean, sized, hung and in very good “lightly used” condition!  They even import the clothing from the other side of the river so our kids on this side don’t worry about bumping into someone who says, ” hey, that used to be my shirt!”  Pretty smart Value Village!    We were also Donated 12 brand new backpacks by West Coast Bank, in Tigard!  The Tigard Grange 148 participated by giving rent free for the event.  We will be holding another event.  It will be posted here as to where and when soon!  The Hwy 217 Storage Units in Tigard on SW Warner also contributed a lit, climate controlled, secure 10×10 storage unit at 50% off as long as we need it!

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