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Answer to a “prayer” for many!

Posted by Sandy on Oct 11 2012 in Community 0 Comment

Concerning the Klothez 4 Kidz event calendar……We were having a problem fiquring out how to vet the families that come in to pick up clothing.   We don’t want all the effort to go to some ones personal “garage sale”.  It’s possible that we have found a solution….”The Caring Closet”! (see full story October, Regal Courier) It is located on the Tigard High School grounds, so it is close, and we can “deliver” the goods we collect to that location, and they will handle the dispersal.  It is a wonderful system started and culminated by Marilyn Hassman, a now retired school teacher.

At this location, families , one at a time, come in by appt. and in a store like atmosphere, shop for free.  While there is a limit to the amount of clothing they are allowed at a time, the needs that may have gone unmet before, are filled.  We will begin tomorrow morning delivering “slightly used” clean, nice looking, jeans, shirts, hoodies and coats as well as new undies and socks.  I may be speaking too soon, but, I believe this will be a great partnership! You may find out more about The Caring Closet @

They also supply toiletries as well as blankets, sheets, and even sleeping bags for the children that are homeless and trying to attend school regularly.  Oregon has over 250,000 such children.

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