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It appears that Flat-tops are back in a big way.  Some young men like to have them longer than an inch on top and use a nice anti-gravity gel or mud.  Older fellows like them short for mileage but may ‘rake’ the very front longer.  There are many ways to cut a Flat-top depending on whether priority is economy, liberation from hair combing, or a fashion statement.

While there has been a noticeable increase of men coming in for Flat-tops, they are not the only ones that like the look.   I have had a couple of young women come in for Flat-tops too.

Young girls/women can pull off a look like that as the more youthful  lends a look of ‘softness’ to what could be considered a hard or harsh look.  One girl likes to play it up with color.  I never know what color her hair will be when she comes in for a cut, but it always looks trendy and ‘cutting edge’ after the fresh cut!

One thing for certain, Flat-tops are here to stay and Another Barber Shop does them both GOOD and FAST!  Price?  $ 15. and up.  Hope to see you soon.

Simple fix for Dandruff

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This time of year I always see an increase in people getting dandruff. Inside air is dryer due to heating and our skin can suffer the consequences for that.
There are 2 types of dandruff. One is white, small flakes.  A conditioner, worked all the way down onto the scalp or a moisturizing shampoo will usually do the trick.  If your hair has a tendency to be ‘dry’, using both of those products is a good idea.
The other type is the one teens experience. One way to identify this type of dandruff is a ‘break-out’ on the skin @ the hairline, sideburn area. The pores can become affected and spread downward across the face. The pore then produces pustules, blackheads or pimples. This can result in scars, or pock marks. Not to mention the cost associated with products/medications to bring the skin back under control. This type of dandruff has a light to heavy ‘yellow’ tint to the small – large flakes. (much the same as a baby with ‘cradle cap’.) The ‘cure’ could be as simple as using a cleansing shampoo daily. Some teens benefit for morning AND night shampooing and it is imperative to focus on cleansing the scalp. ( If extreme itching and/or sores, blisters are present, seek a doctors advice.) Concentrate of using entire fingertips in a massaging motion that will work the cleansing action of the shampoo down onto the scalp. Some dandruff shampoos contain a ‘lift’ ingredient that will assist on clearing the scalp of this covering. This covering is a combination of dead skin cells, scalp oil (sebum) hair spray/products and whatever is carried in the air we breathe. Think of it as, forget about the hair, your purpose is to cleanse the scalp and the hair will get in the way and get clean by accident.

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A Community in Action

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Wanted to update everyone on the “Klothez 4 Kidz”.  We are combining our efforts with both the American Legion Womans Auxiliary ( Tigard, post 158), and “The Caring Closet”.  To date we have delivered 3 loads of clothing to children in need.  By next Thursday, we will have emptied the storage room completely and will no longer require the storage room @ “Hyw 217 storage” in Tigard.  We would like to take this opportunity to again thank them for the use @ 50% discount.  Not so much as a cobweb to be seen anywhere in this facility.  Also, lit, gated, and temp controlled.  We highly recommend this place for storage of anything you wish to protect from the elements while storing.

The Caring Closet is located between the east end of Tigard High School and the Tigard Swim Center.   Drop by and take a look at this facility.  It is very impressive.  So many volunteers have come together to make it possible.  You can donate either directly to that location or here at the barber shop.  Kindergarten through 12th grade are furnished “lightly used, clean clothing” of every kind or season.  Boys pants and jeans are especially needed, size 6-16.  I try to think in terms of, ” If I wouldn’t be proud to wear it, chances are, neither would one of these children”.  If the donation passes this “acid test” it’s a great candidate for the Caring Closet and a child.  Last year alone, the closet served over 1,600 students.  That’s a community in action!


Answer to a “prayer” for many!

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Concerning the Klothez 4 Kidz event calendar……We were having a problem fiquring out how to vet the families that come in to pick up clothing.   We don’t want all the effort to go to some ones personal “garage sale”.  It’s possible that we have found a solution….”The Caring Closet”! (see full story October, Regal Courier) It is located on the Tigard High School grounds, so it is close, and we can “deliver” the goods we collect to that location, and they will handle the dispersal.  It is a wonderful system started and culminated by Marilyn Hassman, a now retired school teacher.

At this location, families , one at a time, come in by appt. and in a store like atmosphere, shop for free.  While there is a limit to the amount of clothing they are allowed at a time, the needs that may have gone unmet before, are filled.  We will begin tomorrow morning delivering “slightly used” clean, nice looking, jeans, shirts, hoodies and coats as well as new undies and socks.  I may be speaking too soon, but, I believe this will be a great partnership! You may find out more about The Caring Closet @

They also supply toiletries as well as blankets, sheets, and even sleeping bags for the children that are homeless and trying to attend school regularly.  Oregon has over 250,000 such children.

Another Barbershop Gives Back

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Another Barber Shop recognizes our very existence depends on each one of  you and the generous support we receive in the community.  It is the gratitude for your support that drives Another Barber Shop to find ways to give back to the community.

It was 2008, when the stories of layoffs, bankruptcy and tremendous losses became almost “regular” conversations from our  customers.   We reduced our prices to what we charged in 1989 as well as bringing back the “club” card, (10th cut free).  At the same time we partnered with St. Vincent DePaul to hold a food drive every Wed.  Anyone that donates 2 or more non-parishable  food items on Wed. receives one haircut for  $ 5.00.    Another Barber Shop felt, in this way both the person donating and the person receiving  the food from St. Vincent De Paul, Tigard food bank, would receive benefit.  This is our 5th year participating in the food drive on Wed.

In 2008, Tigard held a “Welcome Home” day for our Veterans.  The American Legion and American Legion Womens Auxiliary was the catalyst behind the organization of this day.   You will find some pictures of that event in our gallery that you will surely enjoy.  It was a splendid day of honoring our men and women in uniform.  Another Barber Shop was proud to participate with a booth of free games and prizes as well as a spin the wheel game for free haircuts and Another Barber Shop T-shirts.  One of our generous customers and friend, Don Frame, chauffeured Another Barber Shop staff in his 1947 red pickup truck for the “Home Again” parade.  During the preparation for this event, I got to know many people associated with the A.L.W.A. and joined myself.  I am constantly amazed at all the “gifts” these volunteers bring not only to our service men and their families but the community as a whole.  Volunteerism is a wonderful thing!  Another Barber Shop has always and still continues to give discounts to active servicemen and if deployed to the Pursian Gulf, a free cut before leaving as well as one upon returning home again.  The look on their face when you thank them and gift them for their service is payment in and of itself.  Truly, if you see a veteran and go up and shake his hand and thank him for his sacrifice, you will know why I say that.

In 2011 we got an idea that we could somehow furnish clothing to children in need.  This was after we watched a report about how many kids go to school not only without breakfast but in the same clothing as yesterday.  With a lot of help and brainstorming from good friends and supporters “Klothes 4 Kids” was created.  We collect revenue from various activities, (car wash, bike ride, etc), and then I have some very savvy bargain hunters that shop for the biggest “bang for the buck” for everything from jeans, tops, shirts, socks, undies, zip hoodies, coats.  The Tigard Value Village has been a tremendous source for outer wear.  The clothing is clean, sized, hung and in very good “lightly used” condition!  They even import the clothing from the other side of the river so our kids on this side don’t worry about bumping into someone who says, ” hey, that used to be my shirt!”  Pretty smart Value Village!    We were also Donated 12 brand new backpacks by West Coast Bank, in Tigard!  The Tigard Grange 148 participated by giving rent free for the event.  We will be holding another event.  It will be posted here as to where and when soon!  The Hwy 217 Storage Units in Tigard on SW Warner also contributed a lit, climate controlled, secure 10×10 storage unit at 50% off as long as we need it!