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Why Xiniu intelligent manufacturing uses HIKARI?

October 28, 2020

Xiniu intelligent manufacturing is the representative of garments manufacturing and it is the leader of the fourth industrial revolution.

It has innovated and subverted traditional industries, and once it came out, it became a hot topic



What makes the industry curious is why the only one invited to attend the launch of ‘Xiniu intelligent manufacturing’ is HIKARI. However, HIKARI is not the first sewing equipment supplier to cooperate with Alibaba.


On January 2019, HIKARI received an invitation by Alibaba for participating in the ‘ Xiniu intelligent manufacturing ’ factory project.


Why did Alibaba choose HIKARI? A proverb says ‘to be attracted to a place by its reputation as a scenic spot’.   


HIKARI has created a number of products that have triggered a revolution in the industry, including oil direct drive lockstitch sewing machines and computerized overlock sewing machines, which have not only become the standard form of industrial sewing machine product categories, but also have been vividly referred to by the industry as ‘HIKARI models’, let HIKARI stand on the pinnacle of industry technology. In recent years, HIKARI has taken the lead in launching the ‘HIKARI Cloud’ in industry, pioneering the application of IOT and other technologies to make sewing equipment digitized and materialized. These innovations and advanced technologies are highly co-frequency and highly compatible with Alibaba's new manufacturing requirements.


Xiniu intelligent manufacturing, as a new manufacturing, to explore the future development direction of the cIothing industry, it needs to apply the most advanced products and technologies. In the digitization and materialization of sewing equipment, HIKARI has more advanced technologies and more technical reserves. With the deepening of cooperation, HIKARI can not only meet the product standards proposed by "Xiniu intelligent manufacturing" in the first time, but also provide forward-looking solutions based on the content of the cooperation. HIKARI's innovative characteristics have become more and more attractive.


The advanced concepts of the two parties have collided with more sparks and allowed the cooperation to operate efficiently. It also enabled   HIKARI to provide nearly a thousand sets of various equipment to ‘Xiniu intelligent manufacturing’ within a year. These machines include not only the overlock sewing series of HIKARI as the industry leader and pioneer, but also various sewing equipment such as the interlock sewing series, automatic equipment and special machines that are endowed with more new technologies.


‘Xiniu intelligent manufacturing’ chooses HIKARI, not only HIKARI provides higher-quality sewing equipment, but also HIKARI's unremitting pursuit of more advanced technology and in-depth exploration of the future technology development direction of the sewing industry.


New manufacturing requires more advanced technology. Choosing HIKARI as the sole partner of sewing section to attend the press conference is not only the recognition of ‘Xiniu intelligent manufacturing’ during the cooperation period of HIKARI, it is also full of expectations for the future of HIKARI.

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