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E-commerce IOT of sewing equipment and Xiniu intelligent co-operation partner HIKARI

October 29, 2020

Regarding the Covid-19, make our society profound changing, especially the traditional manufacturing make updating faster than before. As Alibaba new manufacturing “Xiniu intelligent manufacturing” appeared, internet enter garment industry and become “Light house factory”, make the below three opinion as further version: “Personalized customization” “Produce as Sales” “Cloud”.


We must pay attention, the sewing equipment of Xiniu intelligent factory, not only highly digital, but also intelligent, highly improve production efficiency.


For E-commerce cIothing company, must be one of industry internet, in order to seize future business opportunities, Operate with online platforms such as Taobao, JD, YEATION, Pinduoduo and etc, in order to Achieve quick response. The only way to realize industry internet is making sewing equipment digitizing, make IOT in fact on the really beginning.


Actually, Xiniu factory provides a solution for the garment industry system, indicate the further develop version for E-commerce cIothing company. As E-commerce cIothing company, which kind of sewing machine to purchase, the best way is copy the Xiniu pattern, or at least analysis and prepare for next purchase.


As the only partner of the "Xiniu Intelligent Manufacturing" sewing section suppliers that was invited to attend the press conference, Hikari based on cooperation experience, provided two solutions for e-commerce service companies:


First is one step solution: For big company, you could copy Xiniu company’s system, so that achieve IOT quickly, and seize the market opportunities, docking with the order of online platforms, realize Personalized customization, soft produce, produce as selling, decrease stock.


Second is option solution: As industry internet is the correct way, garment companies should ready to IOT at any time, to deal with market changing. Regarding purchase cost, HIKARI make the opinion choice, opinion for cloud and IOT. If garment companies feeling they need this technology, then they could choose these option parts, Hikari will update the system as quick as possible, avoid huge cost waste due to replacement of sewing equipment. On the other way, all the Hikari production Xiniu company used, all owned IOT option function, regarding with the market they could adjust their best choice.



E-commerce's response to the market is most keen and fast. Alibaba chooses the garment industry as the entry point for new manufacturing, settle the weakness and difficulties. As the partner of “Xiniu intelligent” Hikari is focus on the new technology and automation, under the good evaluation of Hikari production which is “easy and fast” “much better after use”, give the E-commerce one more choices, more flexible respond to the market, and prepare to become a new manufacture.

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