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HIKARI seamlessly connect with digital committed to build advanced factory

October 30, 2020

Time is the best witness and the most objective witness.


In 2017, HIKARI first proposing the concept of cloud technology for sewing equipment.


In April 2019, HIKARI launched sewing equipment using cloud technology, and realized remote control of data interaction, equipment management, production line optimization, capacity testing, and production statistics;


In September 2019, HIKARI published a number of products and technologies that subverted the tradition, one of which was the IOT technology, which attracted strong attention from the apparel industry;


In September 2020, HIKARI, which was the first in the apparel industry to apply cloud technology and IOT technology, became a partner of the Lighthouse Factory - Xiniu Intelligent Manufacturing platform in the apparel industry, and the only sewing section supplier to attend the press conference of Alibaba "Xiniu Intelligent Manufacturing" . HIKARI's advanced cloud technology and IOT technology have been practically applied and verified by the market;


In October 2020, the increase in sales of HIKARI products showed that e-commerce garment companies' orders have increased significantly. This shows that e-commerce companies that are sensitive to the market have chosen to work with HIKARI to build advanced factories to seize market opportunities.


Compared with the above time nodes, it is not difficult to find that the application speed of digitization and IOT of sewing equipment is accelerating. The transformation of traditional manufacturing is unstoppable. The secret develop three years of Xiniu Smart Manufacturing has accelerated the pace of change in the apparel industry while pointing out the development direction of the garment industry.


This presents a major development opportunity for HIKARI, which focusing on advanced technology and automation, Because HIKARI invests heavily in R&D department, so that each product has more advanced technology, and allows higher quality to endorse the product, and wins the reputation from customer of "fast and useful" and "operate easily".


Nowadays, the closely cooperation with Xiniu Intelligent Manufacturing allows HIKARI's more advanced technology to be fully applied, which points out that the HIKARI brand's "more advanced technology" and "high-quality products" characteristics have become more obvious, which also explains why more and more  garment companies tend to choose higher-quality HIKARI when upgrading sewing equipment.


In addition to high quality, HIKARI's advanced cloud technology can connect multiple types of sewing equipment and machines, realizes IOT technology, link to the ERP system, and establishes a real-time information sharing production model, bringing the "digital factory" into reality.


Whether it is an e-commerce garment company or a traditional garment company, when facing apparel industry changes, the only option is to follow the trend and seize the opportunity to complete the digitization of sewing equipment. The cooperation between HIKARI and Xiniu Intelligent Manufacturing provides a benchmarking solution for garment companies to seamlessly connect with digitalization.

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