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HIKARI focuse on the future garment intelligent and committed to help garment factories realize customerized production

November 02, 2020

Alibaba “Rhino intelligent manufacturing” allows clothing to be made by consumer demand. It points out that consumer demand is the core, rebulid the traditional model of production and sales, and realizes intelligent customerized manufacturing.


In fact, when Alibaba was secretly operating the “Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing” project, some visionary garment companies were also actively exploring build smart factories. Today, it is defined by Alibaba as "intelligent factories" and "intelligent manufacturing”.


Some large-scale well-known garment companies or new-form garment companies in Fujian province, Jiangsu province, Anhui province and other places.They start using "HIKARI Cloud" almost at the same time when Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing and HIKARI start cooperation , and then they used HIKARI's "IOT" technology, working with HIKARI to build a production data platform through the IOT connection of people, machines, materials, and orders, and use big data to guide and sort out the production process, move towards the goal of customized production. Now “Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing” has launched a systematic solution of customerized production at a faster speed.


Garment companies can see that “Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing” chose HIKARI to cooperate through the publish of “Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing”, in the same time HIKARI company was invited as the only middle sewing equipment supplier to attend publish . This not only gives them full confidence in the intelligent future of traditional clothing companies, but also full confidence in the cooperation with HIKARI brand and HIKARI’s the advanced technology and higher quality products. And more importantly, they clearly recognize the importance of faster than others and seizing market opportunities, In other words to be able to connect the demand orders through the e-commerce platform directly in the first time.


Open the homepage of “Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing”, you can find that they can realize place clothing production orders online. For garment companies, in order to achieve customerized production like “Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing”, the first step is realize the IoT of production equipment, which can actually achieve the interconnection of people, machines, materials, and everything.


Now many garment companies have joined hands with HIKARI to develop intelligence,Open up a intelligent future for their factories. With the provement of Rhino Intelligent Manufacturing, more and more garment companies will wisely choose HIKARI, take the lead in realizing customerized production and enjoy profit brought by intelligent manufacturing .

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