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Posted by Sandy on Apr 09 2015 in Community 0 Comment

It appears that Flat-tops are back in a big way.  Some young men like to have them longer than an inch on top and use a nice anti-gravity gel or mud.  Older fellows like them short for mileage but may ‘rake’ the very front longer.  There are many ways to cut a Flat-top depending on whether priority is economy, liberation from hair combing, or a fashion statement.

While there has been a noticeable increase of men coming in for Flat-tops, they are not the only ones that like the look.   I have had a couple of young women come in for Flat-tops too.

Young girls/women can pull off a look like that as the more youthful  lends a look of ‘softness’ to what could be considered a hard or harsh look.  One girl likes to play it up with color.  I never know what color her hair will be when she comes in for a cut, but it always looks trendy and ‘cutting edge’ after the fresh cut!

One thing for certain, Flat-tops are here to stay and Another Barber Shop does them both GOOD and FAST!  Price?  $ 15. and up.  Hope to see you soon.

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