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NEARING TIME TO MOVE ON………but, not quite yet.

Posted by Sandy on Oct 05 2018 in Uncategorized 0 Comment

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  I’ve scaled back my hours to approx 20-25 per week.  At nearly 67 years old, I’m ready to spend less time on my feet.  Even though my schedule cutting hair is less, I’ve kept very busy.  Been working HARD on catching up with technology and it’s use in today’s daily lifestyle.

Of course I have been cutting hair in my Barber shop, Tuesday through Friday, but when not doing that, I have been studying, learning and practicing methods to use for such things as, Instagram Mastery, Affiliate marketing, and Bitcoin/Crypto currency trading.

I’ve learned that the ‘old World” lifestyle is no longer what you would call an American Dream.  I now have developed several “streams” of income and to tell you the truth, am amazed at how SIMPLE it is to do.  Wish I would have started 10. 20 years ago.

Sad but true, the days of go to college, study hard, get a job, work hard 20-30 years and retire with a gold watch and enough to do as you wish for the rest of your life, has become, Go to School, College, encumber yourself with 30k to 100k in debt upon graduation, so you can compete with many more “carbon-copies of you” than you ever wanted to know about.  Then, assuming you land the job you want, for the money you want, proceed to work your butt off 40-80 hrs per week, X 30 or so years, whereupon you then go home to sit down and wonder if you have enough to live on.  Believe it or not, I’ve actually had customers sit in my chair and allude to the idea that they hope they don’t live past a certain age because they will be out of money.

If I make any point today, let it be this;  If you finished High School, are willing to work your butt of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, have basic Social skills, like to be around people, can start positive conversations with any stranger about anything, and can take criticism and WANT to learn, YOU ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH EDUCATION TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE.

LET THAT SINK IN.   WANT TO HEAR MORE?  Send me an email 🙂

Enjoy you Autumn 2018 🙂  Is this your year?

To Your Success

Barber Sandy


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