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A Community in Action

Posted by admin on Oct 25 2012 in Community 0 Comment

Wanted to update everyone on the “Klothez 4 Kidz”.  We are combining our efforts with both the American Legion Womans Auxiliary ( Tigard, post 158), and “The Caring Closet”.  To date we have delivered 3 loads of clothing to children in need.  By next Thursday, we will have emptied the storage room completely and will no longer require the storage room @ “Hyw 217 storage” in Tigard.  We would like to take this opportunity to again thank them for the use @ 50% discount.  Not so much as a cobweb to be seen anywhere in this facility.  Also, lit, gated, and temp controlled.  We highly recommend this place for storage of anything you wish to protect from the elements while storing.

The Caring Closet is located between the east end of Tigard High School and the Tigard Swim Center.   Drop by and take a look at this facility.  It is very impressive.  So many volunteers have come together to make it possible.  You can donate either directly to that location or here at the barber shop.  Kindergarten through 12th grade are furnished “lightly used, clean clothing” of every kind or season.  Boys pants and jeans are especially needed, size 6-16.  I try to think in terms of, ” If I wouldn’t be proud to wear it, chances are, neither would one of these children”.  If the donation passes this “acid test” it’s a great candidate for the Caring Closet and a child.  Last year alone, the closet served over 1,600 students.  That’s a community in action!


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